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How Easy Is It to Own Textile Art?

This is a question I hear often. I have a friend and they said their textile art.... blah blah blah... doesn't hold up, hard to clean. Over the next few months I will discuss several things that you should consider when purchasing textile art.

First, let’s talk about light.

If you want a textile piece not to fade you should look at several factors. First, what is the light like, direct/indirect, low-e windows?

Let’s say you have a home with windows that have NO low-e coating. You can decide to either add a removable low-e film to the widows or have the textile framed with a low-e coating on the glass or acrylic. If you do decide to coat your windows make sure to test out the film on a scrap piece of glass to see how hard it is for you to remove. Older film is removable but not as easy as newer films.

If you decide to frame the piece, using a conservation grade or low-e acrylic will protect your artwork from 98% of harmful UV rays. Acrylic is lighter than traditional glass and it will cause a slight change in the color of the artwork. Sometimes this is not noticeable. The best option is to go to a framer to see what a section of the piece will look like when framed.

NEXT: Interested in low-maintenance?

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