To understand this work you have to understand its origin. Usually when I complete a large commission I clean my studio to get ready for the next. Sometimes, those unusual times, I have a break between pieces. With the excitement from the last commission in my veins I created several small pieces. This time worked out a direction that I was excited with from my prior piece in smaller pieces. This was a change for me since I have always found it very hard to work small.


During the completion of these pieces I was grateful to receive another commission and I carefully packed these up. I discovered them again during my latest studio revision and will be slowly adding them to my shop. I hope that in someway they will bring a wonderful addition into your space.


This piece is created from a fine linen blend thread that is a subtle beautiful green. The handmade felt is stitched to the surface with complementary colored embroidery floss. It is a wonderful addition to your environment.


The size of this piece is 18"H x 18.5"W x  3"D.

Earth Series No.21

  • To maintain this piece you should only need to give it a light dusting or vacuum. It can also be framed for high traffic or dirt areas. The wrapped areas are not removable but can be very slightly adjusted. They do have small coated wires in the core and should be treated as such. You will not be able to play with the wrappings.

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